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1 matter that remains after something has been removed
2 something left after other parts have been taken away; "there was no remainder"; "he threw away the rest"; "he took what he wanted and I got the balance" [syn: remainder, balance, residual, residuum, rest]

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  1. Whatever remains after something else has been removed.
  2. The substance that remains after evaporation, distillation, filtration or any similar process.
  3. Whatever property or effects are left in an estate after payment of all debts, other charges and deduction of what is specifically bequeathed by the testator.
  4. A form of complex number.

Derived terms


whatever remains
  • Finnish: jäännös, tähde, ylijäämä
  • Greek: υπόλοιπο
  • Russian: остаток
substance that remains after evaporation, distillation, filtration
  • Finnish: jäännös, jäte
  • Russian: осадок, отстой
property or effects remaining in an estate after deduction of debts, charges and bequests
form of complex number
  • Finnish: residy
  • Russian: вычет



  1. Feminine plural form of residuo

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A residue in normal English speech is a product, usually unwanted, left behind by any process.
  • In mathematics:
    • Residue (complex analysis), a complex number which describes the behavior of line integrals of a meromorphic function around a singularity
    • In modular arithmetic, the residue of an integer n to base b is the remainder r after the largest multiple mb of b no greater than n has been subtracted from n. (If n < 0, one adds multiples of b just sufficient to make the result non-negative.) The residues modulo (to the base) b form a ring. Sometimes "residue" is shorthand for "quadratic residue".
    • In a locally ringed space (X, OX), the residue of a section f in OX(U) at a point p of X is the reduction of the germ of f at p modulo the unique maximal ideal of the stalk of OX at p. When OX is a sheaf of functions on X, the residue of a section f at a point p is the value f(p).
  • In general chemistry, a residue is what is left behind by a reaction.
  • Residue (chemistry), a portion of a larger molecule
  • In petroleum refining the residue comprises the heavier fractions that fail to vaporize. It can be used as fuel oil or cracked to produce lighter fractions. The volume and degree of cracking carried out is determined by the price difference between the light and heavy fractions and the cost of the cracking process.
  • Crop residue
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